I’m an ultrarunning data scientist father of four with a former triathlon habit. You’ll mostly find race reports here, with occasional posts on training or any other random thoughts that escape my mind (including why my mind works the way it does in the first place).

For a bit more background information on me and this blog, visit the About Me page and the FAQ. If you’d like to get in touch (questions, feedback, races you think I should do, speaking engagements, etc.) feel free to comment on any posts, contact me directly, or connect with me on social media using the links to the right.

Currently I’m on the La Sportiva Mountain Running Team, work at Envelop Risk, and am supported by a number of other great companies.

And if you’re just here for Barkley info, the Barkley Archive is the best place to start. I will not respond to questions asking how to enter Barkley or whether I’m doing Barkley again. The best I can do for you is How to Apply to Barkley and How to Get In to the Barkley Marathons.