The support of some incredible companies allows me to continue pushing my limits and pursuing my passions in ultrarunning. These aren’t just companies that give me a discount or some free gear; these are companies that I’ve come to count on for their high quality products and outstanding service. Honestly, none of them compensate me enough to use something that I don’t think is the best option for me.

I do get a small commission if you use the Ultimate Direction or La Sportiva links, so if you’re looking for some kit from either of them I’d really appreciate if you could use the links. It might at least help cover some of the hosting costs of the blog.

Alright, so Envelop Risk isn’t really a sponsor, but my job has been extremely supportive of my athletic endeavors. The schedule flexibility and opportunity to run commute and work remotely at times has been a tremendous contribution towards my goals.

After having other shoes literally fall apart on me at Barkley, I decided to give La Sportiva a try in 2017. They’re now all I use for any off-road running. The durability, grip, and comfort are incredible, and their lineup has something to meet the unique demands of any of the variety of conditions I run in.

I’ve relied on Ultimate Direction packs since my first Barkley Marathons in 2015. They’re lightweight and comfortable, even for 60 hours of running, and have convenient, easily accessible storage for food, hydration, and anything else I need. And after taking the beating of 9 Barkley loops, my original pack is still going strong.

I was a bit hesitant at first to work with XOSKIN. I hadn’t used their gear before and didn’t know much about them. They were a local startup, though, which I can obviously relate to. I agreed to try out some of their stuff, and couldn’t have been happier I did: no chafing, blisters, or things coming out of place, and comfortable in a pretty incredible range of temperatures. Use promo code ‘jkelly’ for 20% off on their site.

I tried Petzl because of the great things I heard about the effectiveness of their lights. Then I was sold by the light weight and the rechargeable batteries (saving money and the environment = win).
COROS Wearables appoints Ben Clark | Industry News |
I was originally intrigued by COROS due to their extremely long battery life. They also have a great interface with just the right set of features for the kind of multi-day adventures I go on, and take athlete feedback seriously.

Previous relationships that are mentioned in earlier posts include Hammer Nutrition, Georgetown Sports Massage, Chopt, and The Bicycle Place in Silver Spring, MD. I was also on Team Every Man Jack, a triathlon team with sponsors that included Felt, ENVE, Garmin, Roka, Lululemon, and Louis Garneau (and of course, Every Man Jack).