Upper Kelly Camp

Photo: John Price

I get asked fairly often what I think about when I’m out there running for so long. I don’t listen to music and I almost always run alone; it’s just me and my own thoughts. The answer is that I think about almost anything, or nothing at all. Some days I solve more problems from work during my run home than I did all day while at my desk. And sometimes I just zone out, letting my mind actually relax and recharge. More thoughts on why I do these things can be found at The Decision Boundary.

Nothing seems to bring that question up more than my transition from loop 4 to loop 5 at the Barkley Marathons. I came in with 13 minutes to spare looking like a zombie and my crew got me ready and back on the course just in time to start loop 5 (for an excellent recap of this, see The Barkley Marathons: Where Dreams Go to Change). I proceeded a short ways up the trail before walking a few feet off of it and laying down for a nap. laz later dubbed that spot “Upper Kelly Camp.” The truth is, I don’t remember exactly what I was thinking then. What I do remember is in my race report, but I’m still not sure what was real and what I was imagining. There’s no telling what hidden, far-flung corners my mind wandered off to.

So if I ever have any random thoughts or off-topic posts (including thoughts about my thoughts), those will appear here. I don’t expect that I’ll visit Upper Kelly Camp often, but when I do it should be interesting. Just don’t get lost, and beware the chiggers.