2020 Podcasts and Interviews

I did a lot of podcasts in 2020. I guess without many races there weren’t as many people to talk to or things to talk about. In the future, I won’t be doing as many. I enjoyed these, and greatly appreciate the opportunity to do them and the time the hosts put into them, but too much time doing podcasts = not enough time to properly prepare for doing the things the podcasts are about. My main 2021 goal is to cut back a bit to focus on the priorities and have time to enjoy life’s day to day moments.

Non-event specific podcasts

British Ultra Running Podcast

A preview of The Hartley Slam

Decoding Superhuman

Grand Round podcasts

Talk Ultra

John Kelly talks about his incredible Grand Round and we have Damian Hall as co-host.

Trail Runner Nation

Marathon Talk

‎Show Marathon Talk, Ep Episode 556 – John Kelly – Sep 2, 2020

Wild Ginger Running

Everything Endurance

Fastest Known Podcast

There were 1,308 FKTs set in Europe in 2020.  A panel of experts nominated 23 of the best, then they voted.  Here is the #3 Woman and the #3 Man; next week we hear from the Top two’s. We start with an Introduction to the European FKT with Matt Lefort, a native of France, who’s been living in Andorra for 12 years, and just moved to Norway. He offers good insights that set the stage.

Peak Endurance

‎Show Peak Endurance, Ep John Kelly completes The Grand Round! – 25 Oct 2020

Running with Jake the PLODcast

Welcome to your weekly dose of running my motivation   On this episode, we speak to ultra running legend John Kelly. His long list of achievements includes the Barkley Marathon, former Pennine Way FKT record holder, Fell Runners Association Long Distance R…
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Eat Your Greens Podcast

‎Show The Eat Your Greens Podcast, Ep John Kelly On Discovering Your Limits & How Failure Leads To Success – 16 Sep 2020

NomadWolf Podcast

‎Show Nomad Wolf Podcast, Ep NWP: Mindset Is Built From Experiences Unlocked From Big Attempts – Dec 11, 2020

Grand Round article interviews

Trail Runner Magazine

Fiona Outdoors

The Pennine Way

Trail Runner Nation

Bad Boy Running

John Kelly makes BBR history as one of the few guests back for a third time. (Bet that makes all those other records pale into significance…) In this episode, Jody and David chat with John about breaking the decades-old record for running the length of the Pennine Way… only for Damian Hall to break it a week later. There’s some great stuff in this interview as John reveals his healthy rivalry/friendship with Damian and what went into this record. John also talks about tackling the other big rounds and what it takes to succeed. Another great episode with a BBR fave. Enjoy! If you enjoyed this episode please SUBSCRIBE to get every episode delivered to you before everyone else. Join the conversation! If you want to request a guest or chat about this episode with like-minded drunk runners then head over to the Bad Boy Running Podcast Facebook group, here:  To join, just answer three questions either correctly or hilariously and we’ll realise you’re not a spam robot and add you! Here’s how to get involved: Follow us on Instagram:  Follow us on Twitter:  You can also follow Jody at  and David at  Email us at   Buy merch at the Merch Store at  Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe! FYB!  

Fastest Known Podcast

The Pennine Way is 268 miles long and one of the first National Trails in England.  The FKT was held by Mike Hartley for 31 years until John broke it.

Everything Endurance

If My Feet Could Talk

‎Show If My Feet Could Talk, Ep Barkley Marathons? Pennine Way FKT? Completed It Mate with John Kelly – Aug 7, 2020

Wiggle Lunchtime Live

Spine Video Podcasts

Ginger Runner Live

Film My Run

Wild Ginger Running

Spine Audio Podcasts

Talk Ultra

Episode 181 of Talk Ultra brings you an in-depth interview with John Kelly, winner of the 2020 Spine Race and Damian Hall who set a new winter FKT in the UK. Speedgoat co-hosts.

Everything Endurance

Further Faster Podcast

‎Show Further.Faster. Podcast, Ep Further. Faster. Podcast Ep 19 – John Kelly – 5 Feb 2020

The Inspirational Runner

Another epic podcast with this years winner of the Montane Spine race John Kelly, most know him as the last person to complete the infamous barkley marathon which has only had 15 finishers in the last 30 years, he’s a sub 9hr Ironman, he’s ran a 2.35 marat…

At the Checkpoint


The Curiosity Complex

‎Show The Curiosity Complex, Ep Ultramarathon legend John Kelly talks about his incredible experiences. – Apr 13, 2020

Spine article interviews


The notorious 268-mile (430km) Montane Spine Race started on Sunday 12 January 2020 at 8am. Competitors had seven days in which to complete the whole Pennine Way, resting when, and if, they needed to. This year, Storm Brendan’s 80mph winds left some entrants navigating in the dark on their hands and knees. Bristol-based American, John Kelly, won the race overall in 87:53:57 while Sabrina Verjee (GBR) took home the women’s trophy in 108:7:17.

Runner’s World

Trail Runner Magazine


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