Pre Barkley Podcasts and Interviews

It turns out that I did actually do a few things before finishing Barkley, but… most of those things were failing at Barkley.

Lift Heavy Run Long Podcast

This was my first ever podcast (before I figured out how to keep my eyes focused on the screen ), which I did from a random classroom at Virginia Tech right after giving a talk there. This was an awesome experience for me and these guys were great. I wouldn’t hesitate to chat with them again at any time.

Ultrarunning Magazine 2016

Leon Lutz did an unbelievable job writing this article. His description of my transition from loop 4 to 5 is by far my favorite that I’ve seen.


Not only did Eric write a great article, he filled out a witness verification form for me for my Guinness World Record application!

2015 iRunFar

Leon Lutz does a fantastic job looking at Barkley from a fresh perspective, and I’m glad I was able to provide part of that.

2015 Bloomberg

I believe this was my first ever running-related interview, and it was pretty hilarious to me at the time that I got into Bloomberg for running. Michael did a great job covering the race in the last year before it exploded in popularity due to the documentary. Unfortunately, the article is now behind a paywall (link below if you’re a Bloomberg subscriber).

All 40 Runners Fail at 100-Mile Tennessee Mountain Race

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