Bloomberg – All 40 Runners Fail at 100-Mile Tennessee Mountain Race

I believe this was my first ever running-related interview, and it was pretty hilarious to me at the time that I got into Bloomberg for running. Michael did a great job covering the race in the last year before it exploded in popularity due to the documentary.

All 40 Runners Fail at 100-Mile Tennessee Mountain Race

None of the 40 runners who attempted to finish the 100-mile Barkley Marathons in the mountains of eastern Tennessee completed the race, the first time since 2007 that the endurance test had no finishers. “The mountains won,” said Gary Cantrell, who created the event in 1986. “I was pleased with the outcome.

2015 Barkley Marathons

2015 Barkley Marathons


In the weeks leading up to the Barkley I eagerly anticipated the start of the race, but at the same time I had not been so nervous about something in years. The Barkley was more than just a race to me; it was personal. I grew up across the street from the course at the bottom of Chimney Top. My family had been on that land next to their namesake Kelly Mountain for 200 years. Those mountains are in my blood, and they were about to get a chance to reclaim some of it. Just as my background gave me enormous motivation, though, it also gave me trepidation. I could handle my own likely failure, but I was the home team and I wanted to represent the community well.

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